Saturday, October 18, 2008

Name that School!

The time of year has come and gone in which I must register as a private school in the state of California in order to homeschool my kiddos. Going through this process spurred me to consider a new school name. I am required to have a name for my school, and am driven by my inner perfectionist to consider and reconsider until the last moment.

Last year I'd settled on SageCrest Academy. A sage is a wise person, and combined with the word crest, I felt it to represent the pinnacle of wisdom. This was all very good until I received a random advertisement in the mail for a Sage Crest School for gifted learners in Reno. Zap! My name was no longer creative. Drat! That led into me feeling like Sagecrest was really a name more suitable for a subdivision than a school. Thus, the desire for a new name quickly surfaced.

We had a couple of amazing contenders this year. This one is great, but showed up on the scene a tad too late:

Scholastic Spantastic

Isn't that fabulous? The next is probably my favorite, although it lost the winning spot because I was unable to say it without giggling. It still may become our school slogan, though. It's that good.

Academia Mesopotamia

Tee-hee! Isn't that wonderful? That's was from the brilliant mind of my hunny. In the end, I decided on Vita et Veritas (meaning Life and Truth) because I figure that anything in Latin sounds intelligent. And if my darling children need to transfer to another school someday, I'd at least like them to sound intelligent. (where are my emoticons when I need them?)

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  1. Those are awesome options. Personally, I think a little sense of humor goes a long way. :-)