Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something to be Grateful For

I haven't been blogging much lately, and though I'd like to blame it on the extreme busyness of the season, I have to say that it's much more likely that I've simply been practicing the adage often repeated in my childhood: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Along with some other things, (that will remain unmentioned for the time being,) I've had a difficult time adjusting to the fabulous December weather in Southern California after nearly 6 lovely years in Tahoe spent shoveling snow and watching icicles form. I've come to the conclusion that winter is my favorite season. (This explains why I can live in a place where it can snow for 9 months of the year and not get tired of it.) Instead of being thankful that I will be able to spend Christmas, New Years, and part of January in Tahoe, I was focusing on how HARD it is to get excited about Christmas when it's 60-70 degrees outside.

Yesterday Long Beach remained around 46-48 degrees all day. It also rained almost 1.5". And in the midst of all this wonderful abnormal weather, my yard was filled with chickadees and doves eating, playing, and bathing. I decided that this was God telling me that His eyes are on the sparrow (or chickadee, as the case may be) and they are certainly on me. I can enjoy God's creation, even in the midst of the greater Los Angeles area, and God somehow enjoys me--even when I get caught up focusing on the wrong side of the coin.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Congratulations, Dad!

I'm very proud of my Dad. He's the first person in our be honest, the first person that I know...that has run for public office. He has served on the Planning Commission for his city, and when space opened up on the City Council this year, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and run for a seat. It was a close race, but he made it! Good job, Dad, in daring to enter the world of politics and public speaking. And thank you, Mom, for being willing to support him in his endeavor. I love you both very much!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blue Christmas

I recruited my girls to pose for a picture to demonstrate how I'm feeling right now. (I wasn't up to the difficult task of taking enough pictures of myself in order to find one I wouldn't mind showing other people!)Blue. Gloomy. I've realized that I've left all of my Christmas music and Christmas movies in Tahoe, where I won't be until 12.22.08. How on earth am I supposed to get anything done with out Christmas music and movies playing in the background? Really. Am I really supposed to be able to decorate or buy presents without my usual holiday soundtrack? What.was.I.thinking???

I'm already knee-deep in a temporary solution. A dear friend of mine expedited me some excellent Christmas tunes via email, and I ended up buying some more from iTunes. Now I have to do some searching to find when my favorite Christmas flicks will be showing on tv.

I will survive. I am determined. I just need to make myself a latte, listen to the Christmas music I have, and get the rest of my house decorated. (Is it merely a coincidence that the Pandora Christmas music station that I have on played "Blue Christmas" twice in a row while I was typing?)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blankie #2 Found!

Audrey has a very special blankie that her MeMa made for her. This blankie is so special that Audrey is actually NOT ABLE to suck her thumb if she doesn't have this blankie. Fortunately, she is blessed to be the owner of 2 identical blankies. MeMa brought blankie #2 to Audrey when blankie #1 was missing, and after blankie #1 was found, Audrey was unable to imagine life without both of them. So together they remained until early November, 2008. Shortly after arriving back home after a stay at Papa and MeMa's house, one of the blankie's disappeared. It remained missing for an entire month. Just as I'd resigned myself to the mysterious disappearance being a permanent thing, it reappeared! (Isn't that always how it happens?) Audrey said that it was hiding in the cabinet that holds our stereo equipment. Who knew that blankies can play hide and seek? All this time I just thought it had been misplaced.