Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mr. History

Andrew, my 10 year-old, is a self-avowed lover of history. It is his favorite subject. He also loves to read. Literature based history curricula are right up his alley. This year, for his 4th grade year, we used WinterPromise American Story 2 (designed for grades 2-4) in conjunction with Sonlight Core 4 (recommended for grades 4-7). Apart from our history lessons, we also had daily read-alouds and readers, typically relating to our history studies.

We read 7 of 9 scheduled WinterPromise read-alouds, 6 of 14 scheduled Sonlight read-alouds, as well as an additional 5 books--making a total of 18 books read aloud this year for school. Andrew read 13 of Sonlight's 20 readers, as well as an additional 5 books--making a total of 18 books he read to himself this year (not counting free reading).

Today, in my planning for next year, I asked Andrew some questions. I'm trying to figure out if I need to add some of Sonlight Core 6 into our WinterPromise: Quest for the Ancient World studies next year. His answers were fun to hear, so I thought I'd share.

1. Were the books that you were assigned to read too easy, too dificult, just right, or a mix? A mix. Some were easy, some were just right, and one or two were a little hard.

2. Did you like the style of the books you read, or would you have wanted some different kinds of books? I'd say the books were pretty much exactly my style.

3. Do you think you were assigned too many, too few, or just the right number of books? Too few!

I guess that answers my question! Poor me, I have to place an order with Sonlight. :)

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  1. My son Daniel, who has just graduated, is a total history buff as well! Sonlight was the perfect fit for him. I'm really going to miss home schooling. Reading aloud was some of the best time we spent together!

    sniff sniff