Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time for Another List

Our family is leaving in less than a week to spend the rest of the summer in lovely Lake Tahoe. Brilliant! Even if there is no a/c or pool, and even if I'd rather be there when there is 6 feet of snow! I'm excited to soak up a little bit of home, even if it's mostly cleaning and organizing. The kids are excited to see some of their friends, and the boys can't wait to do some mountain biking. We will not return to SoCal until Monday, September 7 because we are putting on a Christian Music Festival, Joshua Fest, over Labor Day weekend.

School starts Tuesday, September 8. The flexibility to procrastinate that was mine this last year is now gone since Timothy will be attending a brick & mortar school in the fall. So not only do I need to figure out what to take to Tahoe for the time we're there, but I need to think about what to take to help prepare for JoshuaFest, and what to take to help prepare for school starting in the fall.

Drat, it's time to start another list. (Good thing I like lists--too bad it's so much easier to write a list than to do the things on it.)

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