Friday, August 21, 2009

We Seem to Have Been Designed for Each Other

I love having a cabinet full of mismatched coffee mugs. I adore being able to pick the mug that best suits my specific mood. I'll take a 30-year old coffee cup off your hand any day...unless it's pink with flowers, then I'll pass (as long as my girls don't find out!).

This evening I opened up my cabinet and saw this mug:

"We seem to have been designed for each other" ...and the first thing I thought was "You seem to have been designed for a cappuccino". And so off I went:

Thank goodness for espresso machines!

This mug was made by my friend Brooke, who sells her lovely Pride and Prejudice inspired items (the one on the mug I'm drinking out of is a quote by the most diverting Mr. Collins) on her Etsy site, Of course, this is an immensely talented girl, so don't expect her shop to be limited to P&P. Check out some of her other things and some of her specialty shops (links are in her shop announcement at the top of her main page).

I wasn't planning on blogging about her super cute things...but who can resist talking about a Mr. Collins mug begging one to make coffee? Not I.


  1. mmm cappuchino. Will you make me one?

    When i clicked the link to Brook's page, it attempted to open it up inside your blog site. Weird. But if you just type the address into the address bar, it worked okay. Just to let you know. Also, very nice art on her site!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, link fixed!