Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crazy Life? or God at Work?

I've been attempting to post about this for DAYS, and I'm just too crazy busy to really get all my thoughts out properly. So let me start by copying a bit that I emailed to a friend:

"Joshua Fest turned out quite well, especially considering that we skipped last year and that the economy is still not the best--especially up there in Nor Cal. We got back from there late on 9/7 and started school 9/8. Chris got back down here on 9/9, and decided we should go look at house for sale around the corner from us. So we did that on 9/10, drew up an offer on 9/11, and submitted it on 9/12. We received and accepted a counter offer on 9/13 and entered escrow on Monday, 9/14. How's that for crazy? So we're putting this house and our rental house (our first home over on Marwick) on the market and will moving into a gigantic house that has been barely touched since it was built in 1962. And, amazingly enough, we'll actually be paying less each month than we are paying for this house."

So that's the news. We weren't even close to thinking of moving this autumn, yet this opportunity popped up and we are excited about it! There are many things that point away from a simply crazy life and point toward God's hand at work. We found out that we were able to put in an offer that was not contingent on another sale, we found out that the house is in great shape for being original '62 when we were expecting something that would be barely livable, we found out that the original exorbitant asking price had been significantly lowered before we even looked at it, and we were amazed when the counter offer came in as low as it did.

Here the fun begins. Painting closet doors and bedrooms that up until now have been in a state of flux, decluttering the closets and rooms that held more than they should have, planting flowers, packing, and in the midst of it all, homeschooling and homemaking. It is a crazy life, but I can handle it knowing that God is at work.

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