Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rough Waters

The last couple weeks have been crazy 'round these parts. It started with the return of the flu in my oldest son, Timothy, and continued with the return of the flu in my youngest daughter, Audrey, and myself. Thankfully, the rest of my family has remained untouched by this flu, because it was NOT FUN. We have regained strength little by little, and Audrey's lungs were checked out by a doctor and declared "crystal clear". Thank God for his mercies!

Just as we are finally mending however, another problem arose. We had decided to delay our moving date until our house sells, and therefore needed to delay the date that our phone, tv, and Internet were transferred. Being sick and busy delayed that phone conversation until 2 days before the scheduled transfer. The phone call was made because we noticed that our Internet access had evaporated, soon followed by our phone and tv. 3 days later, and HOURS of phone conversation later, it looks like Internet may finally be restored to us today.

Having no Internet, for us, feels almost like having no electricity. The resounding comment in our house right now is "how do people live without it?" As parents, though, we see a positive side to this thing that is so tortuous...we see our kids building forts and playing together, we see them making popcorn and watching a movie together, we see less fighting and more creativity. Timothy says, "playing together?? It's more like killing time!" At least they are "killing time" together! We are now seriously considering implementing an "Internet Moratorium" on a routine basis to encourage a similar outcome. I even got pictures as evidence.

1 comment:

  1. unexpected blessing, huh?

    I have to admit tho, when our internet was cut due to phone problems...that took weeks to resolve, ugh!...I began to twitch, I missed having the internet!