Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Worth Your Time. Really.

Some things I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I sit around and ponder:

-the word "moisturize"...when did that come into being?  it had to have been a marketing creation.  before "-ize" was fashionable didn't we just hydrate?  (sure enough, looked it up, first came into play in the 1940-50s)

-contrary to what seems to be the commonly held preference, I vastly prefer a nice paperback book to a hardcover book.  I can not stand dust jackets--they are forever falling off and getting in the way.  and let's be honest: a big hardcover book does not make it easy to read in bed.

-the words "honey" and "bunny" rhyme.  but I wish that they were also spelled alike.  I end up writing "hunny bunny" because "honey boney" is just. not. right.

-lemon slices in water is dreadful.  really.  it tastes like soap.

-how do you pronounce the word "comfortable"?  do you say comfort-uh-ble or comft-ur-ble ??  Interesting stuff there.

-where did "a whole 'nother" come from?  is it from "a whole other" or "another"? how is the word "whole" allowed to jump in the middle of "another"?  I'm confused.

That's all for now.  I told you it wasn't worth your time...maybe I should have told you I don't offer refunds.  oops.


  1. Agree about the paperbacks, disagree on the lemon. You just need to switch to Pine-scent dishwashing detergent. The Lemon-scent is doing you in....

  2. What a thought process your pondering explores. Fun! (except I like lemon in water too.

  3. Dust jackets get to me is terrible. I dont want to buy a hardcover without a dust jacket, if it normally comes with one (because, what else is the book missing if it is clearly being sold without its dust jacket?!)However, I would never READ a book with its dust jacket annoying! But, I couldnt dare part with the dust jacket either, because then the book would be incomplete. So I end up with a bookshelf full of jacketless books, and a box full of dust jackets in the closet somewhere.

    And, I quite like thinking about "a whole nother" (also in my world spelled "nuther"). I like to think of it as a word insertion meant to jazz up the phrase. Other examples: "un-freaking-believable!!" and "hot-diggity-dog!!" It isnt just "another" is "a-WHOLE-nother" thing.