Thursday, July 22, 2010


It has to be the busiest week at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, but is that any reason not to go? We made a detour on our way to Tahoe, allowing Chris to attend a business meeting and the kids the experience the Exploratorium. It had been YEARS since we'd been, but it was still the educational, engrossing, exhausting day I remembered.

The drive wasn't so bad (don't let the grumpy face fool you.)

Melinda was thrilled with The Palace Hotel and the free jam that came with breakfast (even though the room service guy was convinced she was speaking a different language.)

Once we got to the exploratorium, the kids were instantly hooked.

They discovered a new use for a traffic cone.

They even did some things all together.

They all enjoyed the exhibits, even if the crowds were stressful at times. Andrew especially was hungry to see and understand everything. We contributed to SF rush hour traffic, but still made it home (to Tahoe) before 10:30 or so. Feels so good to be home!

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