Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Bits and pieces of Autumn 2010: the random photo version.

That's me...fell asleep while reading.
Chris was so kind as to take a picture
of me.  Thanks hunny. <3

Timothy's favorite spider...you should
have seen the web!  and the photo
just has great perspective.

Yes, with Timothy it's all a matter of
perspective.  This is the costume he
wore to school--he looks huge!

This is a picture of Andrew's pocket...holding a book.
That's my boy, figure out a way to bring some good
Lit with you wherever you are.

There's my sweet boy.  11 years old and
reading Lord of the Rings! Amazing!
This is Audrey trying to look all serious.

Yeah, serious didn't last long.

I think this is supposed to look appetizing.

One of three raccoons hanging in my
backyard and climbing on my roof.

There's those Disney Princess Eyes this
girl was famous for when she was little.

And that, my friends, is a can of tuna.

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  1. Large can of tuna, large spider, weird looking food....this is a whole world I know very little about.
    Thanks for the enlightenment!