Friday, December 17, 2010

Where Did Thanksgiving Go?

I've been remiss in keeping this blog updated. :(

Yes, I've been crazy, nuts-o, reee-diculously busy. Am still, actually, but somehow almost a month has passed since we enjoyed our Thanksgiving spread and I haven't even addressed the subject, let alone anything that has happened in the month of December.

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  It was great to see family and friends, and as always, the food was fantastic. (is the word "fantastic" supposed to sound so plastic and elastic and spastic? hm.)  My mom and dad got to visit before the actual day-of-the-turkey, and we had a wonderful visit.  The snow kept coming down, piling up like an end-of-the-year storm instead of a beginning-of-the-season storm.

The Thursday in question was spent with great friends, cooking all day long.  Of course, everything was homemade.  Is there any other option?  (....oops, just remembered that the cranberry sauce this year was canned.)  So then, almost everything was homemade.  I made yams, rolls, pumpkin pie, and cherry pie.  Chris made the turkey, mashed potatoes, and some of the best dressing and gravy on earth.  Mmm.

That weekend, I finally watched Breakfast at Tiffany's all the way through.  Every other time I've tried to watch it I get distracted and disengaged.  Melinda and Timothy joined me in being amazed at the quirks in this movie, as well as the fashion of the very early '60s.  I'm sure that 1961 New York (setting for the film) was different from 1964 Southern California (when our house was built) but it was still fun to draw on any possible similarities.  Oh, and I happened to get a picture of Audrey with Audrey Hepburn in the background.

Now on to December...

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