Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Almost Driver

All of a sudden I realize the terrified look in my parents' eyes when we finally approached legal driving age.  This stuff is scary.  This is the age when The Hardest Part is Letting Go really kicks into high gear.  Timothy is now 15: the countdown is in full swing.

It has actually been a fabulous adventure--seeing Timothy grow and mature.  He has a brilliant sense of humor and a great big loving heart.  This year was the first (in quite some time) that he not didn't plan out (months in advance) which presents he wanted from whom.  Not only that, but he didn't want a huge party (which worked out quite well considering the fact that I'd declared 2011 to be a non-party year).  We went to a restaurant for his birthday dinner, and then came home for Key Lime Pie and some Lime Sorbet.  A simple night, but spent with some of the best people around.

Cue the crazy singing!
Lime and Fire: 2 of Tim's favorite things.
This guy has a great smile and laugh!
What a goof. Isn't he great?
No complaints from Andrew.
nom nom nom
Serious thoughts? or serious dramatics?

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