Monday, February 6, 2012

A Quick Trip Up the Coast

I love that my kiddos are finally getting to ages that don't require constant supervision.  I didn't think they'd ever get to the point where they could stay home alone for a few hours.  I really, truly didn't.  But hey, it happened (thank the good Lord!) and that means that I can be a person again (occasionally) instead of only always being mom.  I like being mom.  But sometimes it's nice to just be Melody.

This came in handy recently, when we were able to go on a brief outing up the coast without forcing everyone to come along with us.  You wouldn't think that you'd have to force kids to go on a plane ride, but there it is.  They don't like french fries either, for whatever that's worth.

We flew from Long Beach to Santa Barbara, had brunch, and flew back.  That's it, basically.  But it was so much fun.  I love seeing everything from the height of a small plane, and Chris is such a good pilot.  The weather was perfect, the company was perfect, the food was perfect.  Happy sigh.

Chris (pilot) and Mr. Cessna
Lovely friend Andrea and lovely daughter Audrey (co-passengers)
Is it just me, or does Los Angeles not look so intimidating from the
air?  A miniature Lego village only a hop away from Long Beach...
Santa Barbara.  Even from the air it's prettier than L.A.  Oh well, I
don't think L.A. ever tried to claim "Prettiest City" anyhow.
Peaceful.  Happy.  Pretty.
Ready for some good eats!
The food didn't disappoint--was incredible actually--but
Audrey couldn't bring herself to enjoy it.  She had a
sleepy-head-ache. :(
Mustache.  Tee-hee. (snort) (melody--->easily entertained)
AND...that's me looking all official and plane-y.  Andrea and Audrey chilling
on the flight back.


  1. Fun post! Makes me miss the days when Matthew was working on his licenses. Someday...

  2. Ha, I remember the day Chris gave me plane ride over quincy! it was fantastic... though that plane was smaller than the one you took... I remember feeling very vulnerable in that little tin box in the sky! but the views were amazing!