Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Fun: Horse Camp

This summer has been crazier than the school year, which I didn't really think was possible, but I've been proven wrong.  (It's okay, I'm used to being proven wrong.  I'm pretty good at it, at this point in the game.)

The last day of school was Thursday, June 14th.  We had precisely 3 mornings of rest before the 6:30am alarm bell started ringing again.  Timothy was off to Driver's Ed (yes, that is scary, thankyouverymuch,) and the girls were off to Horse Camp.

Audrey has been taking riding lessons for the last couple of months, (the stuff of dreams for this girl,) and her trainer decided to put together a day camp this year.  Melinda joined in, and boy did they have fun!  They not only had daily riding lessons, but they learned about different breeds and gaits, about hoof-science from the ferrier, about horse care and costs, in addition to fun games and crafts.  I won't say that it was lovely getting up at the crack, but I do miss mornings at the stables.  It is a spot of peace amidst the chaos of the city.

Melinda and Audrey in the middle there, showing off Scooter's new paint job.  Luckily, those are washable paints. (and, before you call me with worries about Audrey's bowed legs, they are just crossed.  all is well.)
Cowboy got a bath after a hard day's work.  Both girls are so comfy
around those horses.  Of course they were begging for their own
by the end of the week.
Melinda helps Buttercup get some of her exercise in.  There are a remarkable amount of jobs that have to do with horses.  Both girls dream of living on a farm, and they approach these chores (including the mucking,) with gusto.
Awww...Buttercup got a bath.  Did you know that wet horse smells remarkably like wet dog?  Methinks all wet animal smells like wet dog in the way that all meat tastes like chicken.

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  1. Wow, definitely the stuff dreams are made of! I would have loved to do something like that when I was little... I have always loved horses... and by the way, I can't believe Timothy is taking drivers Ed already... tell him he has my compassion, i just finished taking lessons so I could pass my driving test here in the UK, it is WAY harder than in the states let me tell you!! it took two attempts to pass!- Shawna