Thursday, November 21, 2013

That's What They Said

I happened across this unposted post...something I had put together one year ago and for some reason never posted.  Too good not to publish!

Andrew, after a week of complaining about everything, "I don't like how people complain about every single thing."

It is always entertaining to hear how Melinda's brain connects unrelated words/items: "Your ears don't have any bones--they are made entirely of cleavage."  and "My friend gave me an entire can of Nevada to drink." (she meant know, the iced tea?)

Andrew: "Are these bananas okay to eat?  Because they're organic bananas and usually organic things taste weird."

Audrey: "Fire is like a wound of the earth."

Timothy: "The sign 'Keep off Median' should say 'Don't Tread on Median'."

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