Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blue Christmas

I recruited my girls to pose for a picture to demonstrate how I'm feeling right now. (I wasn't up to the difficult task of taking enough pictures of myself in order to find one I wouldn't mind showing other people!)Blue. Gloomy. I've realized that I've left all of my Christmas music and Christmas movies in Tahoe, where I won't be until 12.22.08. How on earth am I supposed to get anything done with out Christmas music and movies playing in the background? Really. Am I really supposed to be able to decorate or buy presents without my usual holiday soundtrack? What.was.I.thinking???

I'm already knee-deep in a temporary solution. A dear friend of mine expedited me some excellent Christmas tunes via email, and I ended up buying some more from iTunes. Now I have to do some searching to find when my favorite Christmas flicks will be showing on tv.

I will survive. I am determined. I just need to make myself a latte, listen to the Christmas music I have, and get the rest of my house decorated. (Is it merely a coincidence that the Pandora Christmas music station that I have on played "Blue Christmas" twice in a row while I was typing?)

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  1. How sad! I would be so bummed without my Christmas music. Fortunately, I have it in digital format in 3-4 different places. :-P

    If you need anymore iTunes inspiration, you might want to scroll through my Christmas Playlists post from last year: