Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blankie #2 Found!

Audrey has a very special blankie that her MeMa made for her. This blankie is so special that Audrey is actually NOT ABLE to suck her thumb if she doesn't have this blankie. Fortunately, she is blessed to be the owner of 2 identical blankies. MeMa brought blankie #2 to Audrey when blankie #1 was missing, and after blankie #1 was found, Audrey was unable to imagine life without both of them. So together they remained until early November, 2008. Shortly after arriving back home after a stay at Papa and MeMa's house, one of the blankie's disappeared. It remained missing for an entire month. Just as I'd resigned myself to the mysterious disappearance being a permanent thing, it reappeared! (Isn't that always how it happens?) Audrey said that it was hiding in the cabinet that holds our stereo equipment. Who knew that blankies can play hide and seek? All this time I just thought it had been misplaced.

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