Friday, January 8, 2010

Ready, Set, Move!

I've often heard sayings like "When it's meant to be, everything will fall into place" or "All in God's time" ...and I can't help but think that our house selling must be an example of this.

As we prepared to drive to Tahoe on 12/20, we had to make sure that the house was spic-n-span because there was a showing that afternoon. On 12/27 that showing materialized into an offer on the house. Before a couple of days had passed, the end--of what felt like a rollercoaster ride--had levelled out with a fair offer and an amazingly short escrow. The buyers initially wanted the deal to be done before January 1st, but due to negotiations and the holidays, it ended up being extended slightly. Still, a cash offer with a 7-day escrow sounds suspiciously providential.

So we drove back from Tahoe on 1/2, and moved out of the house (to our new house around the block) on 1/3, and then attempted to get everybody back to school and work on 1/4. To say we are tired would be an understatement!

Now we just need to unpack and organize, and figure out how to live in a 1960s house.

Workers and work trucks unite!

This is the nice & neat section of the house after moving stuff over.

The girls are so excited about their new room!

Top-o-the-bunkbed to ya...high ceilings!

Nothing like In-n-Out. Seriously. It should be on the list: 1001 Things to Eat Before You Die. Yummers.

Spices we found left in the cabinets. Think they are still good?

A few of the spices we'll be replacing them with.

The heaters work (yes, we need a heater even in So. Cal.) and new washer/dryer will be delivered today. Internet is up & running, now I just need to get this kitchen stocked and we'll be ready to go!

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