Sunday, September 12, 2010

End of Summer Garden Update

Before I jump into planning a fall garden, I thought I'd do a final update on this year's gardening adventure. There have been some things that have done great and some that haven't, but I've learned so much overall that I can't help but be pleased.

One major thing I've learned: this place could make a full-time gardener feel worn out...there's SO much to be done!

I've cleaned up the herb garden, and even half empty it is better than the ivy that was living there last year (and which, I am pleased to say, has not tried to make a comeback.)

The pineapple basil really took off. I cut it back some, but it's still big, and now it's flowering too.

Tarragon, boxwood basil, lemon thyme, cinnamon basil:

The artichoke plant was done for the season, so I cut it all the way down, layered compost over it, and already it is getting ready for the next go round.

Outside of the herb garden, I am still harvesting tomatoes, the basil and flat leaf parsley are thriving, my bell peppers have hung in there, and some of my melons are still attempting to grow--although they have struggled all season long. Soon I'll be giving these raised beds a layer of compost and getting them ready for some peas, carrots, and lettuce.

My little chipper shredder made starting new compost pile a breeze. Finished compost is really an amazing thing.

Oh, and a new discovery! My little baby apple tree has one little apple on it! Yay!


  1. Whoops, just realized I said "pineapple basil" when it's actually "pineapple sage". My gardening credibility has been thrown out the window.

  2. lol...I totally believed the pineapple basil story too :)

    Your garden is lovely. I am jealous of the herbs and peppers! I like that you are planting a fall garden, I didnt know they had seasons in socal. I am also trying a fall garden, peas, radishes, and romaine lettuce so far. Oh, and garlic galore, you plant it in mid-october, and it grows through June, and then you have all the garlic you want! Totally worth considering!