Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End of Summer Update

I can't seem to keep up on all the little things (ha, see what i did there?) that have happened at the end of our summer, hurtling us back into an undesired regimented existence. Rather than blog blasting (I considered it, believe me, but it seemed tremendously inefficient) I've decided to post and end-of-summer montage.

We went to Chris's cousin's baby shower where Chris got to play poker with all his cousins...it was great to see them all surrounded by their sons: a new generation.

Melinda was beyond excited to go to kids camp, and she had an amazing time. Here's a pic of her with her counselor, and one of Audrey with all the luggage ready to be loaded onto the busses.

Audrey had a ton of catch-up dental work done, and did a fabulous job throughout it all. I'm glad we made the decision to pay a little extra for a great children's dentist.

We've been car shopping (no success yet) and found out two things. 1.) Some headrests are quite uncomfortable. 2.) Melinda has just about perfected her goofy facial expressions.

We've had blankie emergencies: this poor thing has been loved hard and well. I'm not real sure how much longer I can keep patching it up! I crocheted another preventative border around it, to which Audrey declared "This makes Blank feel so much better." I don't think she was talking about the blanket's texture, either.

And, we found out that when on the roof of a hotel in downtown Los Angeles, boxed water is better.

Never fear, back-to-school and fall garden posts are on their way, now that I have the tidbits taken care of.

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  1. The "boxed water is better" is hilarious. I'm glad to see what blankie looked like. Audrey was telling me it was in bad shape. Thanks for all the pictures.