Friday, July 8, 2011

7 is SO Much Older than 6

As very wise and learned adults, we enjoy teasing children about how much bigger they suddenly become on their birthdays.  Wow! Look how much you grew!  Well this year the trick was on me, since Audrey really did seem to get so much bigger and older overnight.  She was really looking forward to turning 7, and she did a great job. :) 

We let her choose a place to go out to dinner (doing that this year instead of throwing parties) and her first choice was the small Indian restaurant we like to go to...but she ended up changing her mind so that she could bring more family along.  Gramps, Tutu, Grandma Barbara, Uncle Jon, and cousin Drew were able to join our small celebration.  She was thrilled to be with her family for her birthday.
The Ruby's staff sings Audrey a Happy Birthday.
Audrey loves her goofy brother!
She's opening presents, but if you ask me, she's the real gift.
She had a thing with cards this year...kept reminding me to get
her one to go with each gift.
Audrey designed her own cake.  It went
through many shapes, forms, and colors
during the design process, but she ended
up with mega-chocolate.

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