Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Matter of Perspective

This may look like any other tree...until you see
Audrey at the bottom.  Puts it in perspective!
Isn't it amazing how a story changes depending on who is telling it?  Not only do we all process and interpret things differently from each other, but something as simple as the passing of time can make our own viewpoints change drastically.

The last couple of years have come with extra challenges for many of us, and throughout that time I've found that I tend to default into cataloging the negatives instead of the positives.  I have found myself subconsciously listing the imperfections of these years, as if focusing on those will make future years seem brighter in comparison.

But I don't think that's how it really works.  I think what happens is that a habit of looking for the bad points forms, and the all of the positives flit by without much notice.  I've realized that not only do I have a choice as to how I look at things, but my change of focus will affect how those around me view life as well.

I can't help but feel that this should be elementary.  I should have this down by now, you know?  But I don't.  So in hopes of training myself to refocus, I'm starting a thankfulness project. There really is so much to be thankful for--big and small--and they deserve a larger place in my life and mind than the pitiful things I've found myself dwelling on in the past.  Here are 25 things I found joy in this weekend:

  1. fresh air
  2. hot showers
  3. strong coffee
  4. overcast mornings
  5. silence
  6. books (duh)
  7. rustling leaves
  8. my husband & kiddos
  9. sense of humor
  10. bunny rabbits
  11. imaginations
  12. extended family (be they related or not!)
  13. dishwashers
  14. English
  15. ice
  16. internet
  17. purple
  18. tulips
  19. creativity
  20. refrigeration
  21. men who cook
  22. curry
  23. cool night air
  24. stars
  25. sleep
I plan on building this list to an unwieldy size...until it topples over and I'm buried in thankfulness.  Sounds like a happy problem to have, don't you think?


  1. I'm in the process of creating my own unweildy list. :) It's sobering how hard it is for me now that I'm well past 40 items.

  2. I think a lot of the things on my list will be specific, somewhat silly things....but purple does make me happy, and I'm thankful for that! We'll see how far I get before I run out of even those trifling things.