Saturday, November 5, 2011

There's Always More to be Thankful For

because really, it's all a matter of perspective.  For every thing there is to be frustrated with or discouraged by, there is at least one way of seeing the opposite.

51.  That there IS a bright side.
52.  That there is rain to be distracted by...even though vehicular accidents are a common result.
53.  Pumpkin Spice ANYTHING
54.  Mexican food (have I listed that one already?)
55.  Sebastian Barry
56.  Willa Cather
57.  teenagers  (really.  mine caught a mouse in my house.  with tongs!)
58.  giggling girls (especially Melindas and Audreys)
59.  meow-meows
60.  apple blossoms
61.  not feeling guilty about not answering the telephone
62.  sewing machines
63.  quiet
64.  cursive handwriting
65.  clean water
66.  that it is snowing somewhere, even if I'm not there
67.  it is still possible to snail-mail a letter
68.  sleep
69.  waking up without an alarm clock
70.  bulbs peeping out of the earth
71.  flowers that you can eat (like artichokes--amazing flowers!)
72.  people in my life that understand me (like Andrew!)
73.  veterans
74.  the faithfulness of God
75.  scarves


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  2. Ezackly! Also a sense of humor to see the other side of things with... good quality candles that burn well and long... rich conversation where one word speaks more than 20... fun accents everywhere I go... cheap international calling rates and Skype... Christmas music...