Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hmmm...I'm noticing some similarities

You may or may not know that Chris and I have decided to make a temporary (I hope) move back to Long Beach for the sake of a healthy happy family. Work is getting crazier for Chris, and the commute is wearing us out. We spent a lot of time looking at houses, and weren't surprised that there weren't any as great as our house here in Tahoe. We did end up putting an offer on one (and are in the middle of offers/counter-offers etc.) this week. I've just realized that the exterior of the house has some similarities to our home in Tahoe. What do you think? Was it an attraction in my sub-conscious that drew me to the LB house? Or am I just unable to see past the wood shake roof connection?


  1. Are you still keeping the place in Tahoe? Just for a summer home? How am I going to visit you over Christmas is you move out of the mountains!??

  2. Yes, we're keeping our home in Tahoe, and planning on being up here occasionally--treating it like a vacation home for now I guess. I'm also guessing that one of those vacations might be Christmas...(not seeing you when we're both in England is silly enough, not seeing you when you're in CA is simply unacceptable!)