Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where did all the boxes go?

I feel like I'm constantly breaking down boxes to be recycled. My house seems to ooze cardboard boxes. Until, of course, I need some. I don't need just one or two, but enough to do some serious packing. And now, amazingly enough, the only surplus boxes I can find are from Cheerios or Rice-A-Roni (lot of good that does me). Oh wait, what's that I see happening outside?


  1. We will let you borrow ours when we are done with them...probably only another couple of months. You can wait, right? Or we can just mail you our cheerios boxes...i think Matthew is about to finish one.

    We noticed Public Storage selling them for 3.95 each...just a bit overpriced when you are used to throwing them away though!

  2. I wonder how many cheerios boxes it would take to pack a house?

    I'm still in denial--I'm waiting for boxes to magically appear at my door.

  3. Go dumpster-diving behind RiteAid and Ross-Dress-For-Less. That's what we did for our Idaho move, and scored big time. Best go after dark, though.