Monday, August 4, 2008

The First Day of School!

We started school today on a very light schedule. This was a good thing for many reasons. First, it allows me to feel like we're beginning to accomplish some of the many things I want to do this school year. Second, it provides me with relief from worrying that their minds are melting away due to the lack of doing anything productive. Third, it provides Andrew and Melinda some gentle adjustment time to this foreign thing called homeschooling. Fourth, it gives me some hands-on experience with juggling the instruction, discipline, questions, and feelings of four different children all at the same time.

The boys were responsible for doing a few pages of math, and a small section of science. Melinda did math and spelling. Audrey did some tracing. Then the girls did an art project while the boys escaped to their computers. Melinda had a slight meltdown, but recovered quickly. Andrew had another major meltdown (his previous meltdowns were the reason I decided to start today in the first place) and recovered after some help and patience.

I am very thankful that God gave me all of last year to homeschool only Timothy, I don't think I would have been able to handle this without all the changes He's done in me this year. At least not in a graceful manner! Not only that, but Timothy was very sympathetic towards Andrew and Melinda, which was a huge additional blessing.

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