Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mission Trip to Honduras

Chris and I, and our boys Timothy and Andrew, just got back from our missions trip to Honduras. Our girls enjoyed a nice vacation with my parents, their Papa and MeMa. We were gone for around 10 days, and worked for 7. Our projects were located in the city of Catacamas.

We worked on two different projects. The first was replacing an old leaking tile roof and putting up a tin roof. The second was at another church that has been only halfway built for nine years. We put 2 more rows of concrete block on the top of the building, started the roof trusses, and poured the concrete floor and stage area.

The group we went with is mostly from around the Tahoe area with Church Family Missions. Including our 2 leaders, there were 19 of us in the group. Chris enjoyed being one of the drivers on the trip, and especially enjoyed the food. Timothy and Andrew had fun helping their dad and some local children get water from the river for cement and dishwashing purposes. They also had a blast trying to catch chickens, making paper airplanes, and playing soccer with the other children. I got to help with some of the cooking, dishwashing, shopping, as well as some of the other ministry and labor projects.Above is a photo of Chris (and others) behind the home of the family who hosted us for breakfast and lunch. The family attends and lives near the second church we worked on. The food was great, all cooked outside in the kitchen right behind Chris.
The above photo was near the first church we worked on. It rained, providing a small stream on the side of the road. This entertained Andrew, Timothy, and Jade (the other child on our team) for quite a while--which in turn entertained the local children.This is the truck that Chris drove, and this was the way that they got water from the river.Timothy's friend helped him catch the bunny rabbit that had been hopping around.Yay! Andrew caught a chicken! That was his goal as soon as we got to Catacamas.The cats and dogs (and chickens and rabbits and cows) all eat together. No food is wasted.VBS at the first church we worked on. This was one of the days with lower attendance!

I'm glad to be back home!

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