Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yippy Skippy! New Furniture...

Today was like Christmas. Crying kids and all. Oh, except the food (we had reheated spaghetti for dinner). But the gifts and the mess and extreme emotions and all that...Our new furniture arrived today! The girls were very excited, while the boys remained calmly and distantly interested. This is our new dining table. It is currently missing it's extension but still seats 6. We have 8 chairs, and when the leaf arrives it will seat 8 comfortably. I love how wide it is, and the fact that there are no armchairs (only sidechairs) makes it feel very conversation oriented.A detail photo of the chairs. The table is at counter height, so the chairs are a bit taller than normal dining chairs. The height is another thing I like about the table. It is not as high as the bar height tables, but taller than a regular table. It gives it a unique look, as does the combination of straight lines and curves.I love this chair. It had me at "hello". It makes my heart go thump-thump and drop into my stomach. I don't know what else to say. This is my chair. I might actually go write my name underneath it, in case an issue should ever arise (the "I don't see your name on it" issue). *sigh*We now have a couch and chair in our living room. It's more of a "formal" living room (I often call it the "front room" since it is at the front of the house). I'm not much into formal, so this will our conversation room--no tv, and a nice view of our center courtyard. The above picture is of the new couch alongside my chair. Yes, it is another brown leather couch. No, it is not identical to our other one. It's difficult to see in the photos, but this couch has some character. It, like the dining room set, has a nice balance of curves and straight lines. It is very dark brown--near black, but with great contrast at the seams.Here's a detail of the couch seams. Hmm...still hard to tell from the photos. You will all just have to come over to my house and check it out for yourself!Another photo of my chair. This one is so you can see the adorable little munchkin wrapped around one of the legs. This is also so that you can see the art above the fireplace--it makes a great focal point (this is what you see when you enter the house)--and notice my new dining set behind the fireplace. :)

What a fun weekend distraction!


  1. Hi, I'm mideastmom, and I'll be your blog stalker this month. :-P

    I must not have been able to get your blogs to load from the Sonlight roll that I worked my way through a couple of weeks ago, because I'm pretty sure I would have stuck around. Instead, I saw your comment on Mary Grace's Advent post, recognized your picture from your SL avatar, and popped over.

    It was the furniture, the house, the pumpkin pancakes and the 100 book list that got me. Oh, and the writing style. I'm a sucker for writing style.

    Mind if I stay a while? :-)

    (Sorry if this seems goofy, but I felt strange following all your blogs without an explanation.)

  2. You are very welcome! Have a seat in my chair. :-)

  3. Really? Cause that's one cool chair. Thanks!