Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Picture Day!

Enough procrastinating, already. It was high time that I took some "school pictures". Thanks to the persistence of my lovely daughter Melinda, it actually got done today. And to top it all off, we had fun. Here's some of the funnies:I quickly found out that getting Audrey to talk about the reasons why she loves horses is NOT the way to get a smile out of her. It is the way to get to the heart of her little philosophical self. Ha-ha...I couldn't resist snapping this shot (even though you can see my Quasimodo-reminiscent shadow in the foreground). There is something so funny to me about children willingly and uniformly lined up without a parent nearby. It's just. not. natural. :-)Oh my. I am SO tempted to make this be Andrew's official school portrait. What a face! He was quite disgruntled that the sun had the audacity to unceasingly find it's way into his eyes. The nerve!Whodunit? Definitely not Melinda. She's as innocent as can be, can't you see?Timothy's laugh and smile really sum it up. Picture taking was fun. (Much more fun than math anyhow.)

And now I must convince myself that I need to work on denying the temptation to send these pictures out instead of the more serious ones. I just love non-traditional quirky photos!


  1. Love the pictures!

    Would you mind sharing what gadget you use to put up your current reads? I'd love to put something similar on mine, but after searching the top 1000 gadgets and finding 47 versions of PacMan games, I thought I'd just ask. :-)

  2. I'm actually just using the picture gadget, so each book is a separate gadget. It lets you put a title, caption, and link for each picture.

    I tried and tried to find a way to do a picture link list, but ended up just doing it this way since it was easier. :-)

  3. So, you just pull a JPEG of the cover from Amazon or somewhere and put it in a gadget? Smart. Think I'll try that. Thanks!