Friday, February 19, 2010

limericks about limericks

I can write a haiku or cinquain,
But a limerick can be such a pain.
I've tried and tried,
My brain is now fried,
I can't think up a single refrain.

(or maybe...)

I felt inspired to write,
but my children began to fight.
I couldn't win
Amid the din
So my limerick is a fright.


  1. Timothy should appreciate this!

  2. I think your limerick's fine
    Except for that final line
    If had a nice pun
    or if it had none
    Or if it had... oh, never mind.

  3. I know that they aren't very punny
    nor are they even too funny
    I had a plan
    you must understand
    but the kid's noise gave me a run for my money.