Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snails, Worms and Hamsters, oh my!

We've been having some of those "living science" moments at our house. You know, where things happen in real life that give you experiences to back up your book knowledge.

A week (or two?) ago Melinda got a hamster. She has been working for months to prove she can be responsible for taking care of a pet, and she is beyond thrilled to finally be in possesion of the little rodent. This is not your typical hamster, this is a Robo hamster (short for some dude's name, not the cop). It is tiny and interestingly colored, and Melinda is in love--though she admits that it has taken a lot of time and effort.

Also, going hand in hand with all the gardening that has been going on here, is the delightful discovery of snails and worms. Delightful for the kids at least--snails haven't been delightful for me since I discovered them smooshed and crunched in between my toes while walking down the sidewalk barefoot at night many years ago.

We've had snail races, and have harvested worms from their condemned ivy metropolis & shipped them out to worm farms in neighboring flower beds. Seeing little girls squeal and hop around with handfuls of wriggling worms gives me the giggles. Discovery is delightful.

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