Thursday, February 11, 2010

Playing in the Dirt

Living in Southern California has its pros and cons, and some things that make their way onto both sides of the list. One of those things, for me, is the weather. There is no autumn, only a pretense at winter, and but the merest hint of spring. But my, does my garden grow! If I am not able to connect with the outdoors by shoveling snow and raking leaves, at least I can console myself by digging in the dirt and growing plants.

Our new house has so much landscaping space that I get lost in my dreaming and planning. My day speeds by when I am pulling weeds and pruning. I get giddy when I visit the nearest Garden Center.

I have planted strawberries and rosemary, basil and cabbage. I have started pulling out ivy and some oddly chosen plastic plants that look much better in a trash bag than in the garden.

I have treated myself to a lime tree, a 5-way apple tree, and a 4-way cherry tree. I had to limit myself because I would truly love to also bring home an avocado tree, a pomegranate tree, as well as pears, nectarines, peaches, plums...but I think that I am doing a good job so far at pacing myself. It's a difficult thing to do!

Honestly, I'd rather be playing in the snow, but playing in the dirt is good too.


  1. lined up and ready to grow....have you thought about a waterfall?

  2. do waterfalls grow well in LB?

    I like that the plastic plants look better in the trash...I imagine you putting them in the trash bag, stepping back and admiring your work sating "there....that looks nice". and then maybe drinking lemonade or something very gardener-like.