Sunday, May 2, 2010

Odd Children

For the last three months, and for the next three weeks, my four children all have odd-numbered ages. 13, 11, 9, and 5. In honor of easy to remember number sequences--albeit for a limited amount of time--here of some photos of my great kiddos.

Timothy, whose highest complement very well may be to say you are "random" and who values uniqueness above many other things, is looking forward to being 14 in three weeks. He is also looking forward to summer vacation with no more schoolwork.

Andrew and Melinda have become very good friends this year, verified by many tears when Andrew went on a two week trip to Papa's and MeMa's house (by Melinda at least, I wasn't witness to Andrew's parting reaction.). This was the scene when we were reunited:

And lil' Audrey was beyond thrilled when her daddy made ribs this weekend; she had been begging for them for months! (Notice how well used her paper towel is!)

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  1. Great pics!

    My son loved ribs (still does) and at around age 5 would say, "When are we gonna have pig ribs?" cracked me up every time