Monday, June 14, 2010

Swirling Bits of Randomness

At night, as I'm sleeping, my brain keeps churning thoughts.  Normal, right?  Isn't that what dreaming is all about?  Well, often--instead of dreams--I end up with an interesting platter of random thoughts awaiting me in the morning.  What I can't figure out is if those random thoughts are actually interesting, or if I only think they are because I've been asleep for the last eight hours and therefore am no judge as to what is interesting and what is not.  Today I've decided to publish those unfiltered thoughts (scary!) so I can look back at them this afternoon and judge with an awake, rational mind.  I may be posting an apology later today...or deleting a post!  And with that, I'll let you be the judge.  This is what was on the platter this morning:

As I was pouring out the last quarter of my perfectly-good-first-cup-of-coffee this morning and making myself a new, hot, fresh, steaming cup in its stead, I thought of my brother Matthew (who has admitted that he does--or would like to do--the same thing.)  I love you, Matthew!  (...and everyone else too, of course, but I'm only halfway through my coffee and not up to snuff on my equal opportunity-ness...)

One of the teachers in Audrey's Children's Church class is named Mr. Kirk.  Audrey used to think his name was Mr. Curve.  The funny thing is, the second name makes more sense to her.  She can't understand why somebody would be called Mr. Kirk.

Raccoons walking on a roof in the middle of the night sound abnormally large and ominous to whomever happens to be sitting under that roof.  Said noise is made even creepier if that person is alone with a black cat in said room, in the middle of an enormous city where raccoons ought not to exist.

I am sitting on the couch with my coffee.  I have random piles of books around me.  13 books within reach, to be exact.  At least 8 of those books are books that I want to read, at least 5 of them I am actually in the middle of reading, and what am I doing?  Sitting with my laptop, typing out randomness.  I even procrastinate the fun stuff.  Geez.

If you need to do a quick job of picking up the house in anticipation of guests, (notice I'm assuming that everyone else procrastinates and doesn't do it on a continual/daily basis,) where do you begin?  The room that everyone sees when they first walk in the house?  The room where people will be spending the most time?  The room that's the cleanest?  Messiest?  Can you guess where I start?  Well let me just say that if you pick up the cleanest rooms first, you can cross off an amazing amount of spaces off your list in an amazingly short amount of time.  I got a full 1/3 of my house picked up before I finished (dumped) my first cup of coffee! (Do you like the positive spin on that?  Do you think that procrastination necessitates optimism?)

All right, all right, my 2nd cup of coffee is kicking in.  Off to write grocery lists and wash towels and get on with my day.  And, eventually, to get the messiest 2/3 of my house picked up.


  1. I'd like to be sitting there being random with you!

  2. Well...I think it is perfectly reasonable to dump out the last quarter cup of coffee. I never get to it in time before it goes cold. And microwaved coffee, while a nice idea, is just never ever the same. Most often (being the frugal and thrifty son of my mother) I microwave the last quarter cup and then fill up the rest of my coffee cup. But as Siri can attest, there is always coffee left in my cup at the end of the day (anathema to her).

    Also, I like that your daughter decides what a reasonable thing to be named would be. Perhaps she should ask Kirk if he doesnt mind being called Mr. Curve, because after all, a curve is an actual thing.