Monday, June 28, 2010

A Trip to Urgent Care

Today Audrey earned for herself the honor of becoming the first of my children to get stitches! Poor sweet girl! She was goofing around with Melinda and then her feet disappeared (this is my hypothesis on why she falls so often) and she landed on her chin.

For being all wide and gaping and scary looking, it actually didn't bleed much. But there was no way a band-aid was fixing that to Urgent Care we flew!

All said and done, it was a 3 hour event. Mostly waiting of course. The worst part was the three shots to numb the area, but Audrey did very well. She never once cried. When I told her she was brave, she admitted she was scared. I told her that being brave doesn't mean you aren't scared, it just means that you do it anyway--even if you are scared. And she did it! What a brave girl!


  1. Way to go Audrey!!! And way to go Melody!!! Very scary...I am so glad that everything turned out okay. What treat is Audrey enjoying?

  2. Strawberry smoothie, mmmm!

    Audrey has done amazingly well throughout the whole thing, but I sure wish they never got hurt or sick. :(