Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Week Without my Boys

Thank goodness this week is coming to an end!  I've been without my boys for far too long.  Although we girls have kept busy, life just isn't the same with my man and my little men.  While they were in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) on a sailboat, getting another stamp in their passports and getting tan (well, maybe not Andrew) we have been holding down the house here in So. Cal.

But like I said, we have kept busy.  We:

  • had a friend of Melinda's stay the night for the first two nights
  • had a lovely dinner at the grandparents-around-the-corner's house
  • went to church (and will go again tonight)
  • ate dinner at Mimi's Cafe
  • went to Yogurtland
  • painted our toenails
  • slept in
  • bought new movies to watch over and over
  • had a day out: the girls with TuTu watching Marmaduke, me at CostPlus
  • went shopping for craft supplies
  • bought audio books and headphones
  • had a shake at Ruby's
  • weeded and gardened
  • read and cooked
I'm sure there was more.  I made a lot of progress on my book blog, and did some writing as well.  I didn't keep up on my exercise (oops) nor did I get any quilting done (drat) but it was difficult, what with concentrating on making it through the week and all.  Well, I can sigh with relief and get on with my life because my hunny will be home soon.  *sigh*

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