Saturday, January 1, 2011

Preparing for Christmas

So, Decembers are crazy busy, right?  Do you know when that started and why?   I didn't, until my dad told me (and we all know that everything my dad says is true).  You see, when parents started taking over Santa's job, (presents and Christmas cheer,) they brought the whole mess on themselves.  And so now we are stuck with this huge task better suited for the man in the red suit who knows how to add more hours to the day.

And the elves?  Where are those elves when I need a house decorated and un-decorated?  We couldn't find it, so we went about it all by ourselves...and the un-decorating has yet to be done (first we get to drive 10 hours, jump back into the rat-race, and then we get to un-decorate.)

The huge tree is really cool-looking, but boy is it a hassle...not just to adorn, either...attempting to get it (and keep it) straight is quite the challenge.

Another huge addition, that made this huge house seem more a home, was simply the best Christmas present I've ever received.  A month or two ago, when Chris asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him I only want 2 things: my watch fixed, and a piano.  And although this was true (gifts aren't a huge deal for me) I realized that I was unlikely to get either...too time intensive, especially for this time of year.  I think that is part of what makes this gift so special.  Anybody have any idea how hard it is to pick out the perfect piano without a second opinion?  Chris did a fabulous job.  He found this 1922 Steinway that looks and sounds beautiful.  It simply wonderful.  And somehow, as you are playing it, you can hear the character and personality come through.  And it fits perfectly in the corner of our great room.

Oh, and here's Timothy looking Oh-So-Handsome (even if he isn't really smiling...this pic was the best of the lot) in his tux, ready for his Christmas concert:

Before heading to Tahoe for family and Christmas, we had a fabulous 60's Christmas party...of which I still need to scrape together pictures.  Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later, but we're dealing with a bit of Spano-timetable, so it may be August before I actually get good pictures up.  The party was for Chris's mom's side of the family, as well as some other family/friends, and we made everyone dress up Early-60s to match the house.  We had some catering help as well as a jazz trio that was amazing, and a photo-booth set-up run by Jon and Michelle (brother-in-law and almost sister-in-law) with great success.  Here are the few measly pictures that I have, look for a better selection at some point in 2011. :)

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