Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally! A Smooth, Successful School Day

Today has been (so far) the first day of school where I've felt like I've actually managed to cover all the bases. Of course, the day is only halfway through, but the afternoons are always nice and laid back so I'm not worried.

Today gives me hope. Hope for tomorrow. Years of tomorrows. Tomorrows that won't be in the category of "Our first month of homeschooling". I've been hoping that we are still in adjustment time, that the problems I've been facing daily aren't an accurate view of my life for the indefinite future. Today was the first sign that I'm making progress.

Today, nobody cried about their school work. Andrew came close, but did the best he has so far. Everything was done smoothly, quickly, and kindly. And not only that, but we got everything done.

Today was the first day that I haven't had to push aside my eager-to-learn 4yo because of the needs of everyone else. Audrey is loving school. She pulls worksheets out of her desk to do while I'm working with the other kiddos, and is always begging for more. Today, finally, I got to focus on her. Today we started Audrey's Alphabet Book.

Today my outlook has completely changed. Thank God for joy in the morning.

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