Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jump in, the water's fine!

Well, not much of the house is exactly in photo condition yet, but here's something that we've all been enjoying:It sure has been nice to cool off, and get a bit of exercise, for only the price of a tad more laundry.

I also have my school room in working order. There will be many things to adjust, I am sure, but it got us through our first "real" school day.
I can already tell that I need to reorganize my schedule/assignment system a little, although I think that many things will improve as time goes by simply because we will be in more of a routine. My other foreseeable issue has to do with the fact that Audrey is a very enthusiastic preschooler and is not happy unless she has to do just as much work as the other kids. (A horrible problem to have, I know.)

That's all for now, the pool is calling!


  1. I would love to post, but I'm too busy coveting. Your pool, that is. :-)

  2. i like your desk set-up. Four facing the walls...that is how non-public schools tend to set up their classrooms...helps all the kids not get in as many fights. AND, if you need to send them to time-out, they are already facing the wall.

  3. Funny, I actually set them up all askew, and they all immediately begged to move them around. Facing the wall works for me! They find plenty of distractions as it is!