Thursday, September 4, 2008

That State South of Nevada

Today Melinda discovered that she is not as far from "home" as she thought. She has had a hard time moving, and has been feeling very far away from home. Our home in Tahoe is a few short miles from Nevada, so Melinda is familiar with both California and Nevada. When we were discussing history today we were looking at the distance between a northern Virginia and California (she wanted to know if we would have been able to hear the fighting of the Civil War had we been alive at the time).

Suddenly Melinda perked up. "We live in California???" she asked, incredulously. "Where did you think we lived--Nevada?" I questioned. She answered, "No, I thought we lived in that state south of Nevada."

She was encouraged to find that we still live in the same state, as if we are perhaps not as far from home as she'd thought. And it sounds as though it's a good thing we will be studying US history and geography this year!

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