Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aquarium of the Pacific

We had a nice family outing to the Aquarium of the Pacific yesterday. We all had a good time. Melinda really wanted to see an octopus (he was hiding) and Audrey really wanted to see a whale (of which there was one, but he was a piece of artwork hanging from the ceiling). Timothy especially love the diving birds, and Andrew...I'll have to go ask Andrew what he liked most. He enjoyed everything until his feet wore out and his blood sugar ran low.

The kids especially liked being able to touch the stingrays. Audrey was nervous at first, but the stingrays were very friendly. They'd swim by, reaching out of the water. I told Audrey that they were waving at her, so the next time she reached in and felt it. Her reaction was adorable! She giggled and laughed and said that it was slimy. What a cutie!

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