Friday, February 20, 2009

I Know This Much is True...

...this book is LONG!

One of the good things about being back down in Southern California is the opportunity to rejoin the book club I was in. It was a fairly small book club, consisting of 6-8 members. The choice of book cycled through each member, so each person would get to pick a book 1-2 times a year. Many times the book picked was one that I would not have chosen, but most often I ended up glad to have read it. It expanded my horizons. I tend to stick with American and British historical fiction...not so well rounded.

"I Know This Much is True" is the first book that I'll be reading with the book club, and I'll admit that I'm a little daunted. This thing is listed at over 900 pages! Not that I've never read a book this long, (or longer,) and not that the writing looks difficult to read (from what I've previewed on Amazon), but the subject matter doesn't look to be something I'd want to spend any time on, much less 900 pages. I don't have the book in my hands yet, and perhaps everything will change once I do, but just the thought of this hanging over me has completely sapped any desire for me to read. I haven't read anything since I found out about this book. I've been on such a roll with reading this year (and last) that I'm worried about the book club killing my natural motivation. In previous years the book club was motivation to read, because I wasn't making myself do it otherwise.

I may have to end up being selective in which books I join the book club in reading. I'd rather not do this, but that may be a better option than having my motivation zapped. I should have the book by Monday...we'll see how it goes! (Maybe I'd better make a goal of finishing my current books this weekend? ...goals always help.)

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