Friday, February 27, 2009

Weird Like Me

"Mom, can we please take the test? We're begging you!"

That was what came out the the mouths of my children yesterday. No joke.

I ordered CATs (California Achievement Tests) for Timothy, Andrew, and Melinda, and they arrived on Wednesday. I'm not required to test, being a private school in California, but I wanted to have an idea of where they were in the scheme of things. The private school that they attended before being homeschooled did not do any testing, so this was their first experience. They actually enjoyed it. It got them out of doing their normal studies, and they got to fill in little bubbles. What more could they ask for? Audrey joined in the fun by working on her Explode the Code books, and Juno (the cat)...well, he's just weird.

Are they obviously homeschooled? Or are they just weird like me?


  1. I can't say whether they are weird (but I doubt that they are) but they sure have great hair! (yeah, I notice the really important stuff).

  2. Well, I went to public school and always, always loved taking standardized tests. I have two children who like to take them and one who is "normal." ;-)