Friday, January 9, 2009

I am SO accomplished!

Today I:
- gave myself a pedicure and painted my toenails (high time, I tell ya, high time)
- actually ate some veggies (that is, if carrots count)
- went to the grocery store AND got school done (no small thing)
- rinsed and dried wet laundry (that has been waiting for me ever since my washing machine stopped working on Wednesday)
- taught my kids about Tchaikovsky (and found out that the poor guy was not a happy fellow)
- finished a book about Shakespeare (another home run for Bill Bryson)
- actually answered the phone when it rang (no joke!)
- finally started putting away the Christmas tree (that is, I had the kids do it)
- considered furthering my education through online courses (because I have so much free time)
- watched the 2nd half of Anne of Green Gables (last night's leftovers)
- let the kids make their own breakfast, lunch, AND dinner (and I have the mess to prove it)
- picked up 3 million articles of snow clothing (some of which I'm certain do not belong to us)
- sprinkled the remaining ice-melt on the glacier in our driveway (there wasn't nearly enough)
- scheduled next week's school assignments (is it ok to admit that I enjoy it?)
- taught Melinda to subtract double digits with regrouping (she caught on quite remarkably well)
- taught Andrew to multiply 2 2-digit numbers (he's a pro already)
- said "STOP" 800 times (at least)
- cuddled with my kitty cat (in bed...while I heard the garbage truck drive by my house...because I forgot to put out the trash)

Wow. I just may be capable of putting a positive spin on anything!

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  1. So you're a box checker, too? Some days I'll complete a task, write it down, and then check it off!